Create wine lists that are balanced, recognizable and approachable

Assisting the restauranteur & private collectors with certified experience in wine, spirits and hospitality

Provide the knowledge that leads to a welcoming hospitality environment for all

Beverage & Hospitality Consulting Programs

Beverage consulting programs for venues come down to a handful of key factors. Helping these partners increase their revenue is the most important business factor. SommSteiner provides a program that is transparent, educational, and reliable not only for the employer and the employees, but also for their guests. Inventory management and understanding who the customer is will determine other factors; i.e. how the wine lists should be presented, what cocktails are featured, what kind of beer is stocked, quantity and qualities of selections, glassware, decanters, garnishes, straws, napkins, etc.


Emphasizing that hospitality centers on exceeding guests’ expectations is what separates the basic steps of service. The basic needs of the customer should be met. However, doing just what is required doesn’t translate to a positive, memorable experience for the customer. For great service and hospitality to happen, the service associate and the company they represent need to understand about creating something that is genuine and entertaining for the customer. Seamless, selfless and authentic service come together to make the client feel like the guest. Humility and compassion are two key factors for this business relationship to flourish. SommSteiner puts the needs of our guests first; understanding what they desire and need; delivering on that promise throughout the engagement through one’s actions create the opportunity for continued business not only from that guest, but from referrals and recommendations.


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