Whenever I entertain clients for private wine events, I’m always asked what my favorite wine is. For which I reply, “Honestly, I appreciate and enjoy them all.” It depends on where I am and whom I am with. If I’m enjoying shellfish on a warm afternoon, I lean more towards aromatic whites such as Torrontes, Riesling or Muscadet. Out on the farm with family while enjoying a nice cut of steak that has been braised with fresh herbs, garlic and butter-I’m inclined to pull the cork on a Barolo, Brunello or Napa Valley Cabernet. Celebrating life with my closet friends in my backyard, you can never go wrong with bubbles-Champagne, Prosecco or Cava. All these varietals have something in common for me-great memories were made with friends and family while enjoying what the wine had to offer us.